It’s Not That Lit Pt. I

When we bring up house parties in the States, what comes to mind?

Kegs, couples making out everywhere, raunchy dancing, booze, drugs; every image that comes to mind is explicit. This is for good reason as we have been conditioned by corporate Hollywood.

Before we dive into the mystical, ever so hyped up house parties, let’s differentiate between a rager and a kickback. A rager means there’ll be a ton of people and do expect to be wasted before midnight, whereas a kickback is much more low key and chill. Think: a group of friends hanging out with some drinks. You’ll hear “pre-game” a lot too, which means drinking before the actual party.


For those who might not know, the legal drinking age in the States is 21.

I know, pretty ironic.

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal until I actually came here. I don’t (read: can’t) drink much, but the legal drinking age affected me too. How? Well, I can’t get into places which are 21+, which sucks major balls.

They take it pretty seriously here, that’s why we always hear about fake IDs in their movies and TV shows. Ask any non-American above the age of 18 in America right now how they feel about this law and they’ll roll their eyes and say, “It’s stupid. I can drink whatever I want back home.”

The legal drinking age surprises me, even more, when I reflect on Malaysia’s legal drinking age which is 18. We’re a Muslim country after all.

I personally haven’t gone to that many house parties but I can safely say that a lot of the parties are Just. Not. That. Lit.


Sorry to break it to you that Santa isn’t real but everything is sooooo hyped up.

At first, I thought it was just me or because I wasn’t drunk enough, but I’ve asked around. Many of them would laugh and say, “Oh yeah, definitely. It’s all hype”.

Excuse me, what? This is it? The whole illusion of crazy American house parties crashed right there and then.

But then again I’m not studying in a big university where they have sororities and frat parties, so I could be wrong for all we know. Friendly disclaimer, this doesn’t apply to all house parties in America, just a big number of them so don’t be hatin’.


Well, honestly, Amanda, I live in your quintessential American college town. Think: Pitch Perfect, Greek, or that University Life expansion pack from Sims 3.

My college actually has a row of sororities and fraternities. They are all notorious apparently for the parties they throw.

So, in theory, I should be having a different experience. I honestly don’t think it’s that lit for me, either. That could just be my personality more than anything as I get stressed out at big house parties.


I’d take a kickback at a close friend’s balcony any day. To me, those kickbacks are lit.

Frat parties at my college are considered the creme de la creme of house parties. I’ve heard enough stories from people I know to get an idea that going for such a thing is always such a big deal.

Well, I’ve been to only a couple of frat parties so far and I have always left early with my friends to go and chill at IHOP for pancakes. IHOP is the next best thing Americans have to 24-hour mamak shops. Not only that, the last party I went to at a fraternity had a rival fraternity sneak in around the tail end of the party and steal all their vintage plagues.

Frat wars for you, my friends.

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

I’ve been to a frat party and it was kind of sad.

First of all, frat houses are weird. There are rooms upon rooms, like a dorm but in a house. Some rooms are “sacred” whereby they would gently but firmly ask you to leave if you happen to walk in unknowingly.

The boys try to hit on girls as the girls try to explore. There really wasn’t much to it.


The most common drinking game is beer pong, but even then they don’t put the beer in the cups because clearly it’s unhygienic. You don’t want to drink a cup full of whatever the ping pong ball that fell on the floor multiple times picked up. Beer pong, however, is fun.

Maybe my first mistake was believing what I saw on TV, but damn, I thought people here were generally better drinkers. To be frank, it’s all because of how their parties are portrayed in the media.

I saw people getting (or acting) piss drunk after 2 or 3 cans of beer and yelling out “YOO THIS IS MY SONG, TURN THE FUCK UP!”


At my first house party, I observed a lot and didn’t drink/smoke enough.

I saw crowds of people put their phones up, jump, and wave their hands for Snapchat. Then two seconds later, immediately stop dancing, jumping, singing to finish their snaps.

That’s the trick.

Making it “look” lit and hyping shit up. Guys, we’ve been largely misinformed. What we see on TV is exaggerated or unrealistic.

Shocking, I know.

Yup, everyone tries their very best to make it look like they’re having the time of their lives on social media. Yet in reality, everyone is super mellow.

I have witnessed people EDITING their Snapchat stories by deleting certain snaps or retaking it. Cue eye rolls to the high heavens.


People here can’t drink for nuts or they just play it up. I don’t get why it’s appealing to be drunk after a can of beer. Why do you pride yourself in not being able to hold your liquor?

To be honest, that is what I do at the house parties I go to. Observe.

I’m the willing designated driver for my friends when we go out and it’s a job I actually find sort of fulfilling. Letting your friends go all out – but not too out – and then making sure their drunk asses get into bed safely is a responsibility I take super seriously.

Of course, the slurred and hilarious things some of my friends say in their drunken demeanor is the icing on the cake. That’s one thing I can say that isn’t quite so different from what we see on TV.

Come on, you know this can’t be it. We’ll continue shattering your American dreams next month. Stay tuned, kids. 

Photos by Amanda and Marsya.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not That Lit Pt. I

  1. im so happy that someone else feels the same way about parties. parties to me (as much as i’d want it to be) are just not as lit as what i imagined it to be. the first party i went to was straight up boring and i wasn’t satisfied so i kept going to more, hoping that it would be better; but they felt the same honestly. but it was kinda fun to observe what people do in such environments, yep, observing was… kinda fun.


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