Point Nemo

“Point Nemo is the location in the ocean that is farthest from land. You can’t get farther away from land than ‘Point Nemo.'” – Source


“Don’t choose loneliness,” Our eighty-six year old grandmother leans into me, barely whispering.

I look around the dinner table, wondering if anyone heard her.

Everyone around us indulging in a blissful state of eating. The mix of bowls and utensils clattering in harmony. No one paying us any unwanted attention.

“I’m not lonely.” I retort. Embarrassed and slightly annoyed by the time and place of this conversation.

“I know, I know.” She spoons me a portion of rice. “But you can’t be too picky.”

“I should settle?”

“No, no. I didn’t say that.” She shakes. “You are not a young girl anymore. When women grow older, they don’t get to choose.”

I laugh, “That’s not true.”

“It is.” Her brows furrow. “You want to be alone? Like your Auntie May?” Her voice, gaining in volume and tenacity. Catching the attention of other family members.

I mumble, “I’m not alone. I’m surrounded by people.” I gesture to our table full of family.

“Auntie May is almost fifty, still living with dogs.” She wears the same tone of embarrassment and sadness in her speech. “I just pray everyday that she won’t be alone -”

“That doesn’t mean she’s lonely.” I interrupt.

“It’s exhausting – to be alone every single day.”

“Or liberating…” I say.


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