21 Things I Learned Before Turning 21

I remember when I was 9, I could not wait to turn 12. When I was 12, I could not wait to turn 15. When I was 15, I could not wait to turn 20.

Now that I’m 20 going on 21, I wish I could go back to being 9.

Every year, I would always look forward to turning a year older because “yay to more freedom!”. This year, I am having mixed feeling about turning a year older.

Turning 21 also means taking full responsibilities in everything you ought to do, being independent because no one is going to be there to help you pick up your slack.

Basically, rolling the dice and playing The Game of Life all by yourself.

These past few years have taught me a few lessons through the best of times and the worst of times. With that said, I’ll forever be grateful for the people and experiences that I have had encountered. So, here are 21 things I learned before turning 21.

  1. It’s okay to say no. Do not agree to disagree just because you are trying not to offend someone. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, just say no!
  1. Do not go throwing tantrums like it’s water. It is not worth the consequences.
  1. Some things will never be the same again, no matter how much you want it to be.
  1. That being said, friends will come and go. That’s life. Move on.
  1. Communication is the key to maintaining a relationship.
  1. Not everyone shares the same opinion as you. Respect and accept the opinion of others, but remember to always stand up for what you believe in.
  1. An assumption is the mother of all screw ups. Never assume things just because you feel a certain way. Even if it is a petty issue, ask before drawing your conclusions. Remember: assume = making an ass out of you and me.
  1. Less is always more.
  1. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Instead, make more mistakes. You will learn more than you will ever know.
  1. Getting a bad grade is not the end of the world.
  1. No matter how hard you try, some things are just not meant to be. Just like sports and I.
  1. When in an argument, always be the bigger person.
  1. Take a good amount of time out of social media and read a book. Even if it is reading a manual on ‘How To Have Clear Skin’. There are no such thing as pointless facts.
  1. Always take the initiative in whatever you do.
  1. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Just do it!
  1. Educate yourself before speaking about something you are unsure of. Remember to go by the saying “talk sh*t, get hit.”
  1. When someone says “we should hang out soon!”, believe that the plan is not going to happen.
  1. Weekly journals can save you from losing track of your life.
  1. Stop looking for happiness in a person, except yourself.
  1. It is totally okay to not know what you want in life, yet.
  1. Beer is pretty good.

I remember having a conversation with Adrienne on Whatsapp and she says “age is a concept, it doesn’t dictate how far you’ve gone, it is only to mark each year that has passed.” Thinking about it makes me realize that life is short. Life is too short to be worrying about where it will take you next.

Just sit back, live, learn, and enjoy the ride that life has to offer.

No doubt that all I have learned made me who I am today and I am positive *fingers crossed* that there will be more meaningful lessons learnt in the future.

But as of now, I’m bracing myself in my journey to adulthood.


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