Sydney on Film

Graffiti Tunnel in University of Sydney

I decided to venture into the world of analogue photography last year.

After asking around for the now rare functional 35mm point and shoot camera, I was fortunate enough that my aunt still had an old Yashica T4, which she hasn’t used ever since she bought her first digital camera. Even though I went into this endeavor knowing that I won’t fully learn the art of shooting film using a point-and-shoot, I was still grateful to have something to work with.

A random cafe in Newtown.
A random cafe in Newtown.

I’m not going to lie, shooting film is expensive and impractical.

Yet I’m happy to spend money on it because of the sentimental value each photo holds. Every photo that you get printed out at the very end of the roll is much like a surprise.

You don’t get to look back at the photos you’ve taken after you hit the shutter release – you take and you forget. Once it gets printed out and you’re holding the physical copy in your hands, it just reminds you of how real the experience in the photo was   the place where you stood, the people that you were with feels alive.

Posters I want to bring home with me.
Posters I want to bring home with me.

Yes, I am aware that I probably sound awfully pretentious here. However, if you’re a ‘hopeless nostalgic’ like me, I’m sure you’d understand exactly what I mean.

With this camera in hand, I achieved a whole new level of motivation to get myself out the door by exploring more of the city I’m currently living now.

The Grounds of Alexandria

Sydney-siders love their brunch places and The Grounds of Alexandria is one of the most famous ones here.

Not only do they serve brunch, they also have a garden of vegetables, fresh flowers, and fragrant herbs. The last time I went, there were also some farm animals there. But if you’re ever there for brunch, be prepared to wait in a long queue before you get a seat.

Being the lazy person that I am, I was never keen to wait for more than an hour for food so unfortunately, I can’t give any comments on the food there. If you managed to cop a seat, you go Glen Coco.

Coogee Beach

One great thing about living in Sydney is that you get to go to all the amazing beaches whenever you want to.

If you’re visiting, be sure to do the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi. You’d be amazed by how fascinating these beaches are and how it always feels like summer when you’re by the beach in Sydney.


Rent a car and drive over to Kiama where you get to see the Kiama blowhole and take ‘gram worthy photos on top of the rocks.


If your heart so desires, you could fish there too.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

I also love walking in between alleys of The Rocks.

Despite it being a touristy area, it’s surprisingly nice to spend your weekends there walking without a planned route. With brick roads and historical buildings all around you, you’d feel like you’ve been brought back to centuries ago.

If you walk a little further away from the old bricked buildings, you’d (ironically) see the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s a nice place to hang out with your friends when you’re broke and have nothing else to do as they have free exhibitions at times. They sell pretty cool merchandise too.

The best thing about this museum is this quote by Grayson Perry that they have on their window.

An artist’s job is to notice things that other people don’t notice.


This Krispy Kreme branch is definitely a hidden gem in Sydney.

It’s located in Mascot (near the airport) and it’s actually a factory shop. The donuts here are freshly made behind glass windows so you get to observe the whole process. The interior has a retro vibe and witnessing how the donuts are made makes me feel like a 6-year-old again.

The first time I was there, I literally stood in front of the glass windows gasping in awe together with the other children who were visiting.

We were just so fascinated by the machines and couldn’t help looking with admiration at the workers who donned those cute Krispy Kreme paper hats.

Yep, the kids were cute, but I was not.


If you ever visit Sydney, don’t forget Newtown. It’s a special haven to me.

It makes me oddly happy when I walk along the streets alone and it has been a form of escapism for me lately. They have awesome graffiti in some of the alleys and if you’re adventurous enough, don’t be afraid to walk into streets where no one else seems to be walking into. With caution, that is.

Antique shop in Newtown.
Antique shop in Newtown.

Discover new places, new parks, new buildings. With numerous boutiques and thrift shops everywhere, you’d bound to find a hidden gem.

We want to hear from you! If you satisfied your wanderlust by traveling to a new city or are currently residing in a new country, send in your photos and share your story. Hit us up at Digital photos, sketches, and 35mm shots welcomed.


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