For most people, 10th October is just a date in a calendar and another day to get by.

However, that is not the case for some people. It is not for me as well.

10th of October is my estranged dad’s birthday as well as World Mental Health Awareness Day.

I don’t want to write about the things I go through, the things I think about, and the things that I feel. This day is not about me.

This day is for the underdogs, the misfits, and the sufferers in the dark.

A lot of Malaysians struggle with suicidal thoughts and mental illnesses, but not a lot of them come out of the closet. The reason is simple, the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Stigma stops progress and if we want to progress, we have to talk about it.

Talk about your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Talk about your struggles and fears. Talk about your hope and hopelessness. Talk about your dreams and ambitions. Talk, and talk and talk. A dialogue can help make a change. Even if it’s a little, it’s all we need.

I hope everyone can advocate for this cause so that everyone in the dark can come out and stay in the light.

I hope that all of us can come as one and shine in God’s love.

To those who are at war, keep on fighting, keep on pushing. The world will be quite lonely without you, even if you think otherwise. We all have a part to play, and I hope you can stay to play your part.

To everyone else, be kind and loving, because love is the only true religion.

Ammar will be discussing mental health and the stigmas surrounding it on Twitter at 12pm, Malaysian time. Join us and tweet @thisiskul


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