The Real Deal: Global Warming

Kids are having reduced playtimes in fear of sudden heat strokes. Adults have their cars trashed in sudden flash floods. Polar bears are being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Zika is being transmitted at alarming rates. Roads are melting in India! Why? Simple. Global warming. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory. Yes, it’s happening as we speak. So far in 2016, our planet’s average temperature … Continue reading The Real Deal: Global Warming

S. Local Playlist #4: Neighboring Affairs

Growing up in Malaysia, it’s nearly impossible to not have some sort of influence from our fellow South East Asian neighbors. From Singaporean dramas to Indonesian love songs, we’ve all been somewhat exposed to it. And so, I lied, this playlist isn’t totally local. It’s mainly local singers, but I’ve managed to slot in some Singaporean, Indonesian, Fillipino songs into it as well. It wouldn’t … Continue reading S. Local Playlist #4: Neighboring Affairs

The Art of Moving

18,919. No. It’s not any random number. That’s precisely how many steps I took today, an equivalent to 15 kilometers or 9 miles if you’re into the archaic imperial system (which would mean that you’re either from Ermurhreekah, Libya or Myanmar.) I’m certain that we’ve all seen it somewhere – be it the annoying ads that pop up ever so often on our Instagram feeds … Continue reading The Art of Moving

Photo Diary: Smithsonian

Day 1: Natural History Museum “Look! It’s a Malayan tiger!” “The tapir looks like a baby who’s walking around with a diaper.” *reads that Sumatran rhinos are extinct in Malaysia* “NOOOOOOOO. This is not true. They’re lying.” Day 2: National Air and Space Museum “The plane that got lost and caused a huge commotion – MH370 is from Malaysia.” “There’s Ringgit Malaysia here!” “Did you … Continue reading Photo Diary: Smithsonian

Photo Diary: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

My friends and I decided to take a trip down to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park over my birthday weekend in October. It has been on my to-do list even before I got to Montana, and it was a fairly simple birthday wish. The distance from Bozeman to Yellowstone is similar to that of KL to Melaka; reasonably near for a quick day trip … Continue reading Photo Diary: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons