G.P.W: Lizzie Zany of DIF/CULT.

At a gig for Spooky Wet Dreams’ EP launch, I discovered DIF/CULT, a collective of creative artists working together to make art. They had set up a booth at the gig to sell their illustrations, designs, and prints on postcards, badges as well as stickers. As per usual, I bought about a 100 of them because I have no self-control. I found it interesting and … Continue reading G.P.W: Lizzie Zany of DIF/CULT.

Getting Personal With: Sherwan Rozan

I’m an occasional Internet slave, but being one has its perks. Stumbling upon Sherwan Rozan through a chain of suggestions on Instagram is one of them. I met with him at Battery Acid Club’s “From Pen to Paper 2.0” stationery market where he was selling some of his prints to talk about architecture, art trends in Asia, and more. Sherwan Rozan. 26 years of age. Freelance … Continue reading Getting Personal With: Sherwan Rozan

G.P.W.: Noisy Art by Bryan Ong

Ever since KUL launched not too long ago, we’re constantly on the lookout for local talents to feature. I was at the Art For Grabs bazaar a few months back and in the sea of local artists, a particular illustrator caught my eye. It wasn’t just this artist’s crafty illustration of that iconic White Chicks’ Yo Mama scene which pulled my attention to his booth, but also … Continue reading G.P.W.: Noisy Art by Bryan Ong

At Work with The Wknd (Not Weeknd)

Over the course of 3 months, specifically late June to late September, I interned at a music journalism company some might know as The Wknd Sessions. They’re a company catered towards being an online platform for the growing independent music scene in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The Wknd does live video and audio recordings, interviews as well as curate acts for gigs, music festivals, and … Continue reading At Work with The Wknd (Not Weeknd)

Strictly Local Playlist #1

As promised in our earlier post about the local music scene, here’s a playlist curated by yours truly. I wanted to include music from different genres such as folk, shoegaze, indie, experimental, pop, hip hop, and noise rock because variety, guys. Sometimes, it’s good to step outside your musical comfort zone to explore other genres. Through this, I’ve discovered a few more songs I like … Continue reading Strictly Local Playlist #1

“They Don’t Sound Local”

Sometimes, when someone’s in my car for the first time, I like to take this opportunity to play one of my CDs varying from local artists/bands. Yes, usually local music. Not being biased. (OK, maybe a bit). Once, my cousins were in my car and I put on Liyana Fizi’s CD. “This is a local singer, you know”, I said proudly. “Wait, seriously? Wow, she’s … Continue reading “They Don’t Sound Local”