Cubalah Cruelty-Free: Beauty Products

For me, finding the right nude lipstick is a lot like my experience with finding the right guy, bra or best Drake song — I haven’t found one yet. There are way too many factors to consider when it comes to nude lipsticks like price, durability, fit, texture and etc. Thinking of such factors usually, leaves me standing at a makeup counter at Sephora or Watsons with … Continue reading Cubalah Cruelty-Free: Beauty Products

Cubalah Veganism: Ramadan Edition

When you follow someone around for five days, it’s only appropriate to know a little bit about the who, what and where, right? I’m Marsya, you have probably seen me on the site (shameless plug: here and here). A typical millennial of 20 years old. I’m a Muslim college student at Michigan State University but am currently home for the summer. Hold up! For those who might not know … Continue reading Cubalah Veganism: Ramadan Edition

Good Food On A Hood Budget

As students furthering their studies in the States without the security blanket of a student meal plan, Marini and Marsya know the struggle. With much time spent in the supermarket and kitchen, they have learnt a thing or two. Here are their 5 holy grail tips on how to satisfy your palettes without derailing your health and going over a student’s measly budget! Cook your … Continue reading Good Food On A Hood Budget

Social Media Sobriety

When Essena O’Neil’s video post regarding social media cropped up, it restarted the age old conversation of the negative effects of social media. Three KUL-ites decided to take Essena’s advice to stay away from social media for a week and this was what they found. MARINI: I wake up and the first thing I do is scroll through Twitter. It’s also the last sight I … Continue reading Social Media Sobriety

Photo Diary: Art Prize 2015

“It’s an art city.” Jason tells me matter-of-factly. Before I could ask him more about that, N.W.A’s Fuck Tha Police comes up on the radio and completely distracts him. With that, I sink back into my cramped little position in the back of the car to mull over that statement. It was shaping up to be an interesting day. I was in a car full of strangers … Continue reading Photo Diary: Art Prize 2015

Strictly Local Playlist #2: Merry Melodi

It’s November and it has officially been my third month studying in America. The nation is celebrating fall with its pumpkin spice lattes, turkey wraps, and decked out Christmas decorations. Capitalism, I tell you. Amidst all that, I find myself craving a simple plate of mee goreng mamak, “Tambah pedas ye, boss!”, or a glorious Ramly burger in all its oily splendor. In fact, I miss and … Continue reading Strictly Local Playlist #2: Merry Melodi