Rumah Orang(utan)

The journey started with 2 Germans, 1 American, 6 beers, and a 3AM wake-up call. Once we got on our boat, we received the news that the cruise had to divert to the dry season itinerary. “The dry season was supposed to start in September – we’re still shocked at how it’s happening now.” A three-night splendour at Central Kalimantan’s Rangun River seemed like a … Continue reading Rumah Orang(utan)

Tau Tak? | Tau Nggak?

It’s been 7 months since my return to the motherland. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far (somewhat) on my own, but here’s what’s up in my second KL. Place: Dia.lo.gue Nestled a little far off from Kemang’s party scene, Dia.lo.gue is a quaint artspace + coffee house featuring art exhibitions and installations that vary from time to time. Last month’s Seek-A-Seek Graphic Design … Continue reading Tau Tak? | Tau Nggak?

On Being Malaysianized

“Wait, so you’re not Malaysian?” It’s a common assumption made whenever I meet new people as well as a common forgotten fact for old friends whenever we speak of Malaysian ‘benefits’. Sometimes I take the easy road and tell people that I am Malaysian because sharing my history in Malaysia is a little perplexing for some. Honestly, though, how is it so confusing? My family … Continue reading On Being Malaysianized

Crossing The Bucket List

About a month ago, I embarked on my quest to cross off my bucket list before I change my permanent address from KL to an unknown location. While the goal was to cross off everything, the real goal was to cross off, at least, half. Safe to say that I have successfully done so, and even more! Here’s what went down: Islamic Arts Museum Ft. Syaza Nadzirah … Continue reading Crossing The Bucket List