Is Voting Essential?

If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal. -Emma Goldman Liberty. That’s the essence of democracy itself. The freedom for the people to choose their own rulers to govern according to their wishes. Supposedly, even one vote from the average Joe has the power to affect the country’s future. The government of the people, for the people, by the people. It looks and sounds like … Continue reading Is Voting Essential?

It’s Not That Lit Pt. II

Shattering the American Dream earlier on: It’s Not That Lit Pt. I. Amanda: Not to worry, though. Some things you see on TV and in movies are still true. The party scene isn’t wildly different from the party scene in Malaysia with some minor differences. Clubbing dominates the party scene in Malaysia whereas house parties dominate the party scene in America, for those who are … Continue reading It’s Not That Lit Pt. II

Weather Forecast: Summer ’16

For summer sixteen, the crew has one thing in common – essentials. We are well-aware of the consequences the fashion industry has on the environment, so let’s all be mindful when consuming. For now, we’ll show you how it is done: Zoé Ng | Melbourne H&M leather jacket, Mango sweater, dress (no recollection of purchasing this, but I’m glad I did), Longchamp bag, Converse shoes. … Continue reading Weather Forecast: Summer ’16

The Ongoing Battle of Faiths

Here’s a fact: matters regarding theology and philosophy are simply indisputable. People believe what they choose to believe, and at times, stick to their beliefs until their very last breath, regardless of how close or how far they are from the ‘truth’. But what is the ‘truth’? Who gets to determine which religion is the right one? Who gets the final say in determining who … Continue reading The Ongoing Battle of Faiths

It’s Not That Lit Pt. I

Adrienne: When we bring up house parties in the States, what comes to mind? Kegs, couples making out everywhere, raunchy dancing, booze, drugs; every image that comes to mind is explicit. This is for good reason as we have been conditioned by corporate Hollywood. Before we dive into the mystical, ever so hyped up house parties, let’s differentiate between a rager and a kickback. A … Continue reading It’s Not That Lit Pt. I