Body-Shaming in Microvoices

Body-shaming: the practice of making critical comments about one’s body shape, size, or weight in a humiliating manner. Recently, I started noticing a common pattern among the headlines appearing on my social media news feed: Only [Celebrity A] can rock such an outfit so flawlessly! This is the model-approved way to wear overalls. [Celebrity B] shows us how to make dresses incredibly stylish. A brief glance at … Continue reading Body-Shaming in Microvoices

Cubalah Cruelty-Free: Beauty Products

For me, finding the right nude lipstick is a lot like my experience with finding the right guy, bra or best Drake song — I haven’t found one yet. There are way too many factors to consider when it comes to nude lipsticks like price, durability, fit, texture and etc. Thinking of such factors usually, leaves me standing at a makeup counter at Sephora or Watsons with … Continue reading Cubalah Cruelty-Free: Beauty Products