Inqueery: Terminology vs Slurs

Hey all, I’m back again with another article for this segment as promised and I will continue to keep posting every two weeks for as long as my editor is happy with me and doesn’t fire me. So, without further adieu, I present to you this week’s post on terminology and slurs. First up, the ever-popular term ‘gay’. ‘Gay’ is used to refer to a male … Continue reading Inqueery: Terminology vs Slurs

Inqueery: An Introduction

We here at KUL have tackled a lot of issues and topics, ranging from the case of local music not sounding “local” to trying out veganism during Ramadan. However, we have overlooked the topic of LGBTQIA+ issues. I’m sure we all know someone who is gay, lesbian or are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community in some way, but what do we really know about Queer culture? Do … Continue reading Inqueery: An Introduction

Pengenalan: Bahaya Book Club

As an avid reader, I yearn to share quotes or ideas that come across at 3am with my closest and dearest. So, when I found out that Liyana Dizzy started a book club which expresses that very idea on Snapchat, I was immediately on it. The concept is easy – she shares her thoughts and notes of a more challenging read on Snapchat. Followers and readers alike … Continue reading Pengenalan: Bahaya Book Club

Rumah Orang(utan)

The journey started with 2 Germans, 1 American, 6 beers, and a 3AM wake-up call. Once we got on our boat, we received the news that the cruise had to divert to the dry season itinerary. “The dry season was supposed to start in September – we’re still shocked at how it’s happening now.” A three-night splendour at Central Kalimantan’s Rangun River seemed like a … Continue reading Rumah Orang(utan)

Tau Tak? | 10/2015

Place: ROFLCam Flashback to a couple of months ago where Yi Peng and I wandered around TTDI’s Pasar. We were in search not for fish or vegetables, but a film store. Oddly enough, yes, up on the highest floor of the pasar nestled in between little store houses is ROLFCAM. It’s a cozy treasure trove for any analogue enthusiast, be it a drool-worthy stash of … Continue reading Tau Tak? | 10/2015

Tau Tak? | 9/2015

As we try to wrap our heads around the fact that it has been a month since the launch of KUL, we rounded up some of our favourite finds this month. Well, although one of which is not favourable at all. In no particular order: Photos: 60s My grandmother was born in 1939 and came from a well-to-do family. Her parents were Anglo-Indian (English and Northern … Continue reading Tau Tak? | 9/2015