In Solitary

Over a particularly long weekend, the only people I came into physical contact in were the servers and cashiers at the dining hall. My roommate went home, so I had the entire room to myself. This also meant that the silence echoed louder than ever before. Yes, blasting Kanye and texting my friends helped, but those cannot substitute the presence of another living, breathing being. … Continue reading In Solitary

Barely Legal

Growing up, birthdays have always been a huge deal. My mom would invite the whole family and we would have these elaborate dinners. That idea snowballed into celebrating with friends. With different groups of friends, multiple celebrations were arranged which led to the extension of it becoming a week-long celebration. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being celebrated. As people you care for gather … Continue reading Barely Legal

First Impressions: KUL/Kuala Lumpur

KUL – to most West Malaysians – is home. KUL/Kuala Lumpur is imprinted on the plane tickets we hold as we make our way home. It is where our passports allow us to stroll right in with the simplified custom version of the automated passport control kiosk. As a student studying abroad, it signifies everything I am leaving behind as well as the opportunity I … Continue reading First Impressions: KUL/Kuala Lumpur