Body-Shaming in Microvoices

Body-shaming: the practice of making critical comments about one’s body shape, size, or weight in a humiliating manner. Recently, I started noticing a common pattern among the headlines appearing on my social media news feed: Only [Celebrity A] can rock such an outfit so flawlessly! This is the model-approved way to wear overalls. [Celebrity B] shows us how to make dresses incredibly stylish. A brief glance at … Continue reading Body-Shaming in Microvoices

Weather Forecast: Summer ’16

For summer sixteen, the crew has one thing in common – essentials. We are well-aware of the consequences the fashion industry has on the environment, so let’s all be mindful when consuming. For now, we’ll show you how it is done: Zoé Ng | Melbourne H&M leather jacket, Mango sweater, dress (no recollection of purchasing this, but I’m glad I did), Longchamp bag, Converse shoes. … Continue reading Weather Forecast: Summer ’16

Weather Forecast: March ’16

Spring is here! Well, not really. It’s still snowing on the East Coast of the U.S. and our friends down under aren’t experiencing the warmest of weathers either. Malaysians may always complain about the hot and humid weather back home, but being in the cold isn’t great either. One thing we can agree on is spring. This month, we seem to have covered the world from … Continue reading Weather Forecast: March ’16

#KULxCali: Get Ready With Us

On New Year’s day, we spent the day in the backyard of our AirBnB in LA. We had a pretty sweet set-up: a ping pong table, swing, and hot tub. Ever ready to hustle, we decided to film a Get Ready With Us for our much-anticipated dinner at PappaRich in Monterey Park. Stop motion video shot and edited by Eurica Yu featuring Marini Ash, Adrienne … Continue reading #KULxCali: Get Ready With Us