The Ongoing Battle of Faiths

Here’s a fact: matters regarding theology and philosophy are simply indisputable. People believe what they choose to believe, and at times, stick to their beliefs until their very last breath, regardless of how close or how far they are from the ‘truth’. But what is the ‘truth’? Who gets to determine which religion is the right one? Who gets the final say in determining who … Continue reading The Ongoing Battle of Faiths

Photo Diary: An Abyss of Wonder

There are a few things I love more than a halcyon blue sky; the kind that leave your skin bronze with a slight trace of gold – summer is good for those. Despite living in the tropics where essentially every day is imbued with the scorching heat, the sun in the West is moderately different. My summer vacation began in the middle of July when … Continue reading Photo Diary: An Abyss of Wonder