G.P.W.: Noisy Art by Bryan Ong

Ever since KUL launched not too long ago, we’re constantly on the lookout for local talents to feature. I was at the Art For Grabs bazaar a few months back and in the sea of local artists, a particular illustrator caught my eye. It wasn’t just this artist’s crafty illustration of that iconic White Chicks’ Yo Mama scene which pulled my attention to his booth, but also … Continue reading G.P.W.: Noisy Art by Bryan Ong

Getting Personal With: Jynwaye

That moment you stumble upon an Instagram account worth following on the Explore page is equivalent to stumbling upon a cheap Malaysian restaurant overseas. Jynwaye’s page was my plate of nasi lemak in San Francisco. It was love at first scroll. All of her illustrations were beautifully intricate and ridiculously lifelike. There is a particular video where she wiped off a page full of Kit Kats only … Continue reading Getting Personal With: Jynwaye