The Real Deal: Global Warming

Kids are having reduced playtimes in fear of sudden heat strokes. Adults have their cars trashed in sudden flash floods. Polar bears are being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Zika is being transmitted at alarming rates. Roads are melting in India! Why? Simple. Global warming. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory. Yes, it’s happening as we speak. So far in 2016, our planet’s average temperature … Continue reading The Real Deal: Global Warming

Cubalah Veganism: Ramadan Edition

When you follow someone around for five days, it’s only appropriate to know a little bit about the who, what and where, right? I’m Marsya, you have probably seen me on the site (shameless plug: here and here). A typical millennial of 20 years old. I’m a Muslim college student at Michigan State University but am currently home for the summer. Hold up! For those who might not know … Continue reading Cubalah Veganism: Ramadan Edition

How To Be Productive

Productivity. Mention that word to any university student and soon a kaleidoscope of emotions starts to flash through their entire being. First comes denial (“I managed to write two hundred words! That’s good enough for the day!”), then comes guilt (“Oh my god, I really didn’t do much today. I need to really get more done. I’ll start tomorrow!”) which is then accompanied by anxiety, … Continue reading How To Be Productive