S. Local Playlist #4: Neighboring Affairs

Growing up in Malaysia, it’s nearly impossible to not have some sort of influence from our fellow South East Asian neighbors. From Singaporean dramas to Indonesian love songs, we’ve all been somewhat exposed to it. And so, I lied, this playlist isn’t totally local. It’s mainly local singers, but I’ve managed to slot in some Singaporean, Indonesian, Fillipino songs into it as well. It wouldn’t … Continue reading S. Local Playlist #4: Neighboring Affairs


Strictly Local Playlist #2: Merry Melodi

It’s November and it has officially been my third month studying in America. The nation is celebrating fall with its pumpkin spice lattes, turkey wraps, and decked out Christmas decorations. Capitalism, I tell you. Amidst all that, I find myself craving a simple plate of mee goreng mamak, “Tambah pedas ye, boss!”, or a glorious Ramly burger in all its oily splendor. In fact, I miss and … Continue reading Strictly Local Playlist #2: Merry Melodi


Strictly Local Playlist #1

As promised in our earlier post about the local music scene, here’s a playlist curated by yours truly. I wanted to include music from different genres such as folk, shoegaze, indie, experimental, pop, hip hop, and noise rock because variety, guys. Sometimes, it’s good to step outside your musical comfort zone to explore other genres. Through this, I’ve discovered a few more songs I like … Continue reading Strictly Local Playlist #1